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Our Mission

Perfect Smile Braces promises our family of patients and friends who desire the best dental care and results possible, that they can count on us to deliver The Perfect Smile that is unique to you. The state-of-the-art orthodontic care will always be delivered with warmth, utmost compassion for your health and a friendly spirit of fun.

We invite you to experience Perfect Smile Doc

Dr Emil Bailey Orthodontist



In March 2012, Dr. Bailey founded Perfect Smile Braces aptly named to reflect his passion to provide the highest quality care utilizing the most modern techniques available in orthodontics today to craft the Perfect Smile.

Dr. Bailey believes that we as doctors have a responsibility to each patient to provide the same level of excellence in treatment that we would provide to ourselves and our families. Each patient becomes our family and the changes we make by gifting a beautiful smile fosters a lifelong friendship. His guiding principle is to provide a perfect smile and a healthy bite, custom-made for each patient, every time.